Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Model of the Church and Farm my Dad Grew up on Made by Ordean Synstelien

 Two weeks ago Bruce and I went to Knoxville, Tennessee. We saw the Smokey Mountains, listened to bluegrass music, and visited some of my relatives. My uncle Ordean has a workshop where he spends time making things out of wood and polishing rocks. He really does nice work-- the lid on the baptismal font in the front of the church even lifts off!

The model below if of the Lutheran Church my father's family attended. Note the hymnals-- they donated the 'new blue hymnals' in memory of my dad's brother, Duane, who was hit by a train as a teenager.




 My uncle, Ordean, made a model of the farm he and my dad grew up on. There weren't very many pictures to go by so he got together with his brothers and sister to remember how things were inside and out.

His work is very detailed.  I really felt like I'd stepped back in time.  Life was a lot different then.  I could see how much more work was involved with everything they did, but that was the way it was--it was ordinary to them. 

This is a model of the house they lived in (above).  The school (below). 

This is a picture of the school they went to.

The restrooms were a little different back in the day.

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  1. Lola, your uncle's wood working is amazing! I've always loved miniature things and it's great to see the tiny details he's included. And yep, I remember sitting in those kinds of desks in elementary school. Of course, the holes for the ink bottles were for way earlier than my time, but the desks still had them.

    Looking forward to seeing you at the conference this weekend.