Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Carver Community Organization

I was recently at Carver Community Organization in Evansville to photograph a storytime and book distribution sponsored by Altrusa so I would have pictures for the newsletter I write. While I was there, I was able to learn a little bit more about Carver from Mr. David Wagner, Executive Director and Ms. Deione Clayton, a Carver teacher. I greeted them with a warm spot in my heart for all that they do partly because my daughter, Janine, used to help her violin teacher, Mrs. Savia, at their facility when she was younger. I asked about their strings program, curious if it was still going on. It is. It is one of their smaller more focused groups they call Academies. He said they are not taking in any new students for the strings program right now. These students have been in the program for two years and Mrs. Savia plans to continue to work with this select group of kids. Mr. Wagner was proud to say a young lady who started in their string music program several years ago, is now the Concert Master at North High School.

I'm not surprised by that. Kathryn Savia is a wonderful teacher. We Perketts are forever in her debt. Janine learned so much from her plus she was always patient and kind. That was very important. We didn't know it at the time, but Janine has a fairly severe anxiety disorder. In spite of this disorder, her overall experience with music was good. She's been in the Youth Orchestra, in a quartet (played at weddings, etc.), volunteered at Carver and braved audiences at school and church as well as recitals.

Janine, as well as my other two children, have set their instruments aside for now. It is my hope that they will be inspired to resume their training again in the future. Even if they don't, one thing I know is true, all the kids have a great appreciation for music.

So, walking into that brightly colored building brought back all kinds of memories for me. The three and four year olds Sara Murray (the storyteller from Altrusa) read to were so cute! I thought they were very well behaved too! Sara has a knack for leading a story time that's for sure. She has a gentle spirit and knows what to do to keep them focused.

I wrote more about Altrusa's experience at Carver for the Altrusa Viewpoint newsletter. That won't be coming out until the beginning of November so I'd better control myself on what I say now in case any Altrusans read my blog.

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