Saturday, June 4, 2011

Annabelle is a happy pup

This is Annabelle (my granddog) laying on our soft back yard grass, smiling for the camera. She has a lot to smile about; the back yard is a whole lot of fun for her. There are dogs next door to talk to, interesting critters that fly and, of course, there is digging fun.  Luckily our little lady has learned the joy of digging in the sandbox.  She goes there when she's inspired to use her front paws in that way.

My daughter, Janine, has been in the BWCA with her brother and sister so Annabelle has been visiting with another family.  It's always nice to get away, but coming home feels good too.  It'll be fun to see her happy greeting again.  Miss you Annabelle!  See ya soon!

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